Are there Options for Direct Pay Models?

Is there more than one way to set up your practice or clinic?
There seems to be a variation in models from very basic to a clinic practice of independent doctors who work privately but collaboratively. Some doctors join up with professionals practicing other modalities and share office space as they can. A consultant can help you weigh your options and set your goals and strategies.  And some of our member doctors have offered to be available to help you.  Email or call us for their names.

Are there doctors who can give me personal guidance or consulting if I want to change my practice to cash/credit card only?
     Yes, there are organizations such as Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, who have quarterly classes to help doctors do this.    Direct Pay Health, led by Dr. Brian Forrest, offers guidance on how to operate an insurance-free practice.  More than half of his patients are uninsured and many have Medicare/insurance plans but choose to pay cash because of the significant cost savings.